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Data Science

The veracity and reliability of data is the cornerstore of a good user experience; without trust in the data, a user won't engage with your product or offering in the same way and without the same frequency. Our team of data experts can help to normalize data, illuminate relational artifacts, and give you clear insight into the best way to  structure your data such that users can count on your data to be clean and realiable. 

Process Automation

As any organization grows, its processes and procedures grow in kind. At DeveloperTown, we understand how scale offers opportunities for improvement, and can approach your work with a defined lens of effiency gains. With the right tooling and right knowledge, time savings can become part of daily routine, and your workforce becomes that much better at delivering consistent value. 

User Experience Design

Investment in good design manifests throughout a project, making builds easier and delighting users for releases to come. With an experiened and uniquely innovative team, DeveloperTown is well-positioned to generate beautiful and encompassing designs for your project. Our designers employ industry best practices to highlight the process and the output, keeping you and your business at the center of our workflow.   

Front-End Development

The umbrella of front-end development encompasses important steps in creating a new product: ecosystem integration, solution sustainability and maintenance, the ability to innovate, and more. We recognize that each aspect of front-end development carries interdependent effects, and a holistic approach considers these effects in totality with your stated goals. By relying on our deep expertise and skill sets, you can create long-term value within the development cycle and set your product up for continued success. 

API Services

Strong API development is a subtle presentation - most end-users simply enjoy quick movement from system to system without interruption. At DeveloperTown, we believe the complexities of hidden integrations offer excellent opportunities to gratify users, and open new possibilities for scalable systems. Public or private, legacy or new, our trained development staff can smoothly handle APIs of all sizes and implementations, allowing you to focus on exciting users and bringing new ideas to market. 

Project Management

The engagement management (EM) team at DeveloperTown contains a number of different skills, each important to ensuring your project exceeds expectations. Our talented team practices product ownership, scrum mastery, project management, financial forecasting, stakeholder relations, and more. We roll these skills up into a singular title, allowing a point-of-contact for your team members and a place to get an overall view of your project as it develops. In addition to serving the assembled project team, our engagement managers are responsible for creating a delivery culture while maintaining transparent and positive communication internally and externally. Find out how we can add value to your team today!

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