We optimize critical business outcomes

Meaningful work not only drives your organization forward but energizes your workforce in the process. Learn why low-code and process automation tools will increase accuracy and save time in the tireless pursuit of important work.   

Start smart. Start now.

We move beyond consultants that may merely help you identify a tool. We map your current processes, execute discovery, recommend solutions, implement paths forward, and train your staff. We seek to understand how things are done and then ask why they are done this way, to completely illuminate your fundamental business.

DeveloperTown’s goal is to help you recognize where technology can solve the problem.


Establishing a plan for low-code & process automation tools

We are experts in deciphering when to utilize low-code tooling, and when larger systems might be necessary to achieve your goals. We work with companies to:

Identify Use Cases

Not all use cases are created equal. DeveloperTown's unique experience across industries and technologies allows us to critically evaluate each use case and match it with the best approach to maximize gains while minimizing costs. We work with clients to identify which processes or problems can be alleviated with low-code solutions, and which might be best served with a different method.

Implement Governance

Often an afterthought in a well-intended process automation journey, we will help you consider governance from the beginning. There are several benefits of starting with governance in mind, such as:

  • Establishing a centralized, governing group minimizes risks of shadow IT, security threats, and misuse of tools
  • Implementing best practices and standardization simplifies maintenance of existing tools/solutions
  • Facilitates lifecycle management and continuous improvement of tools and solutions

Train Teams

Having solutions available is easy; true adoption and usage that creates valuable feedback loops should be the ultimate goal. DeveloperTown solves this by getting the correct stakeholders and users involved early and often. With a collaborative and user-centered method, your team(s) can hit the ground running with optimizied processes.


We shortened the time from data collection to actionable insights

Client: Local Hospital System Association

DeveloperTown partnered with a local hospital association to transition them from an existing data process to an automated and efficient new process. Seeking to review their manual data processes during a technology change, this organization sought to realize efficiency gains and determine the best path forward to collect and analyze institutional data. Through discovery and automation engagements, the organization was able to create new streamlined workflows and better minimize the time spent from data collection to meaningful analysis and dissemination. Is your organization looking to simplify workflows and free up your resources for more rewarding work? Let’s talk and see how we can help you achieve your goals!

What an automation engagement can look like:

We’re here to help your organization bridge the gap between departments and technologies.

Reduce Lifecycle Cost

The frequency and depth of data touchpoints can incur costs borne by your organization. By touching data less times and doing more with each pass, costs can more easily be contained and managed over a lifecycle.

Automate Touchpoints

The conversion from manual to automatic processes is an obvious organizational benefit. Determining schedules or logic that automatically triggers emails or other notifications is one such example of touchpoints we can automate.

Identify Inefficiencies

As an organization grows, it becomes harder and harder to adequately track waste and inefficiency. Exposure to the Microsoft Power Platform reveals upstream and downstream opportunities for growth, and possible changes to recognize savings.

Support Power Users

A strong user base helps distribute critical thinking and creative problem-solving for your organization. With cloud and desktop options, Microsoft Power Users are able to extend enterprise solutions individually, removing barriers and encouraging organic value across your business.

Looking for an experienced process automation partner for your organization?

The phrase “Digital Transformation” is everywhere these days, but what does it really entail? How do you know a probable candidate for Process Automation when you encounter it? At DeveloperTown, we recognize repeatable manual processes that are prime for no-code, low-code, or robotic process automation (RPA) solutions.