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DeveloperTown Assess

Get a comprehensive picture of your organization’s IT and personnel needs with an infrastructure assessment. DeveloperTown begins with a thorough examination of your DevOps team structure, process, and physical & virtual technologies. We integrate your organization’s short- and long-term goals into an implementation plan that fully accounts for known constraints and the capabilities of your team.

Our assessment led by expert project managers and operations team includes:
Identify as-is infrastructure & understand goals for the organization
Account for existing physical and cloud systems & determine their structure
Propose strategy and implementation details, including how best to structure roles, tools, and techniques.
DeveloperTown Migrate

Accelerate your move to the cloud with virtual images and harness the power of infrastructure as code Take advantage of distributed, virtualized computing and move your operations off-premise and into the cloud. DT Migrate helps you streamline your operations and redeploy critical team members to higher-value tasks. Increase stability at minimal cost with configuration management tools like Terraform and Ansible.

Get your operation into the cloud with our tested cloud migration system:
Keep your individual servers where necessary, but adopt technology like containers, microservices, and serverless functions when possible for more reliability, lower costs, and quicker time to recovery.
Reduce costs
Right size your platform based on demand, by auto-scaling and making use of serverless architecture
Reduce the number of systems requiring recurring maintenance.
DeveloperTown Accelerate

Streamline application delivery and achieve faster feedback loops with a consistent and reliable build and deploy process. DeveloperTown Accelerate helps you improve initial application quality implementing processes such as automated testing and peer review. We can also help you ensure that your code adheres to current standards with machine code analysis.

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With over 10 years of experience building software and engineering pipelines that streamline development and support continuous deployment, DeveloperTown has what you need to take your DevOps to the next level.

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