There are countless routes explored on a company’s digital journey. 

Build? Buy? Lease? In-house? Outsourced? On-prem? Cloud? While all of these questions should be asked, with process automation, starting with one use case and opening the feedback loops is the ultimate starting point. You've got to walk before you run, right?

At DeveloperTown, we started the Process Automation practice in February and are learning so many lessons so quickly.

Here are a few that we think are helpful:

1. Use what you've got. You may already be paying for licenses that allow you to get started today. With so many companies on Microsoft’s Business or Enterprise licensing, access to Power Automate and Power Apps may be included in what you already pay for. Look to see what’s available to you before making a big purchase!

2. Think big, start small. Identifying a use case runs the spectrum of being incredibly easy at times and daunting at others. Don’t believe that you have to solve the end-to-end process with automation in order to get started. Automating pieces of a process is a great place to start. And starting is always more important than perfecting.

3. The human isn’t being replaced; the tasks are being automated. Automation is not a replacement for staff, rather an enhancer. If we can automate repetitive or menial tasks of someone’s role, they are able to be elevated, not replaced. And we’re all about moving people to areas that allow them to shine.

Regardless of your company’s history with automation and low-code tools, we can meet you where you are and be a partner for productivity.