We created a new digital presence to tell an engaging story 

An evolving financial services company that specializes in sustainable product financing needed to redesign and build a new responsive website. 



Location: National

Industry: Financial Services

Role: Sustainable Product Financer


  • UX Audit
  • Innovation Sprint
  • UI Design
  • Dashboard Design
  • Site Architecture
  • Product Design
  • User Research & Testing


Growth can be both a great boon to a company and an organizational challenge to manage. For this financial services company, it knew that to remain competitive, quickly providing information and reassurance to their different audiences was a key to sustained success. The previous web presence simply wasn't tailored to their core audience, and the gap between who they wanted to connect with and who they were connecting with was evident.

To best close that gap and continue their momentum, DeveloperTown was brought in to redesign and create their new web presence, such that those key demographics were addressed and their site told a compelling story.  

The new website created distinct calls to action and offered more efficient access to the most needed information during the critical financing periods.
Contractor speaking with homeowners. Contract holding a solar panel in the background.

The Challenge

For this financial services growth company, telling a compelling and engaging story around sustainable products and the people who implement them is a must. Their core audience, contractors and homeowners, need information on how they can finance the large initial cost of environmentally-friendly products, to better realize longer-term gains. The team quickly realized their current website was not conveying the proper message to their clients, and wanted to revitalize their approach to better capture and convert their audience.


Our Approach

Seeking a streamlined approach to engaging with their audience, the company partnered with DeveloperTown to create a responsive website that would speak directly to their core audience of contractors and homeowners.

The new website created distinct calls to action and offered more efficient access to the most needed information during the financing periods. This allowed the company to better engage with their clients, drive up satisfaction, and convert more opportunities for increased sales. 



Through persona creation, journey identification, and wireframing, a new site was designed, iterated upon, and built. DeveloperTown then deployed the new responsive website for the organization, creating new content and reorganizing existing assets to engage the core audience directly. With these new pieces of content and this new design, the site is able to professionally welcome audience members now and into the future.

  • Eleven-week design and build session
  • Included analytics, user tracking, and user engagement options
  • Accessible and responsive across user devices 

Now that the site is live, the company is now exploring better and more engaging business processes to support scale-up efforts. They are also creating new ways to reach out to clients and expand their footprint in the financing industry.

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