We made healthcare data more available and actionable.

By shortening the process from collection to analysis, we helped this regional hospital association speed up the delivery of critical insights.


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Location: Regional 

Industry: Healthcare

Role: Hospital System Association


  • Data Capture
  • Microsoft Power Platform
  • Automated Reporting
  • Low Code


In healthcare, the sheer volume of data can easily overwhelm even the most disciplined analysis, and keep important discoveries buried amongst diagnosis codes and medical jargon. This association collected data from numerous studies and grants but was tied to manual collection and curation processes to overcome differences in healthcare settings. 

These manual processes, along with different data inputs and storage, made the data process slow and led to a longer lag time between collection and valuable findings. 

Discovery interviews and findings informed the process automation engagement, leading to streamlined organizational effectiveness.

The Challenge

We interviewed team members at this association to better understand their unique data challenges and opportunities. We found a complex landscape, which included pen and paper data collection, manual data entry and upload, and multiple time-consuming points of contact. The data the team gathered is very valuable, and the insights gained were used by executives at different hospital associations. 

If a way could be found to shorten the time from collection to finding presentation, that would not only benefit the member institutions but allow the association to explore additional healthcare data avenues for the overall group benefit.   

Woman doctor using tablet computer in hospital

Our Approach

DeveloperTown partnered with the association to execute two connected engagements: 

  • A discovery engagement, centered on exposing the ways data is collected and disseminated;
  • A process automation engagement, to efficiently streamline the illuminated data pathways

By utilizing Microsoft automation tools, the association was able to focus more on the analysis of the data, and the communication of different findings to high-level hospital executives and audiences. This led to better use of state grant funds, and better time spent for staff members tasked to study different areas of healthcare on behalf of their membership. 

Laptop screenshot of admin dashboard page


Through discovery and process automation, DeveloperTown was able to streamline data collection, analysis, and dissemination. Microsoft automation tools were integrated within an existing ecosystem already utilized by the association, thus allowing for seamless modification and installation of new workflows and expectations. Not only were these workflows useful to cut down the time needed with the data, but they made staff members' lives easier and freed up important time to spend on the association's key goals.  

With the automated processes in-flight currently, data comes in and gets stored appropriately without human attention or distraction. Instead of lengthy follow-ups and manual entry, the team can now focus on better informing medical leaders about how to create the optimal care environment for their patients and constituents.  


Photograph of Medical Staff

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