We built critical infrastructure to seize a Bitcoin opportunity.

The necessary backend infrastructure would not only catapult their business forward, but allow them to capture a unique moment in an emerging market.

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Location: National

Industry: Financial Services

Role: Cryptocurrency Provider


  • Competitive Analysis
  • Prototyping
  • API Integration
  • Front End Coding
  • Product Design


Opportunities often present themselves without much notice and demand quick action to fully realize the potential of a moment. For this fintech services firm, cryptocurrency and the associated technologies offered a new and exciting avenue to grow business and become a leader in bringing cryptocurrency to institutions across the country. However, these new technologies need stable backend infrastructure to ensure their availability, and to best support this company's growing product offerings. 

DeveloperTown partnered with this organization to deliver a suite of API endpoints, ensuring consistent and reliable delivery of cryptocurrency and allowing the maturation of new products as they become available. 

These products, when taken together, formed a suite of API connections that could be leveraged into new and existing offerings to assist financial institutions with the emerging world of cryptocurrency.

The Challenge

We approached this situation with a pragmatic mindset - we sought to deliver the most value in the least amount of time, while allowing for the probable shifts in direction and velocity. The cryptocurrency market is known for quick changes in direction, and we are well aware of the response needed in intricate landscapes. If we could deliver a strong foundation, our partner would be able to build products on that foundation and expand their offerings to a host of new clients.  

This organization not only needed pure technical expertise, but wanted an advisor to help guide and validate business directions, including strategy and partnership arenas. Given DeveloperTown's history with high-growth and adaptive companies, we were well-positioned to meet those needs as they arose, saving time and charting out a profitable direction for both parties. 

Target user profile graphic. Journey map graphic. Project functionality flowchart.

Our Approach

DeveloperTown engaged in two different project directions: backend development and product research. For API refinement, three core products emerged:

  • Trading platform - buying and selling Bitcoin
  • Rewards - credit card rewards paid out in Bitcoin
  • Interest enhancement - interest from interest-accruing bank accounts converted into Bitcoin

For product research, two critical outputs were identified:  

  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Web presence for created integration points

These products, when taken together, formed a suite of API connections that could be leveraged into new and existing offerings to assist financial institutions with the emerging world of cryptocurrency.

Three crypto currency application page examples in mobile device frames.


DeveloperTown was able to provide API development and product research to further differentiate our client in the cryptocurrency financial service space. Within these two areas, we engaged in user experience work, integration development, development operations refinement, market fit, and rapid prototyping - all to react quickly and decisively to a fluid marketplace environment. Future partners with our client will now have the capability to build their own, distinct user interfaces to connect to the integrations we've built, generating seamless product suites to offer end clients across the country. 

With that groundwork in place, the organization can focus on other unique opportunities in the cryptocurrency sphere, while relying on the trust generated from solid foundational technology and related documentation. We continue to offer a variety of services to best meet the needs of any market, including financial services and emerging technologies. 


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