When I started as a software intern at DeveloperTown, I needed real world experience. It’s one thing to write a program and get a grade in college. It’s another matter to collaborate with a team and make the grade in the workplace. DeveloperTown has offered me an ideal environment to learn many lessons about what it takes to go from classroom simulations to real world success.

Here are three ways DT has helped me become a better programmer and team member.


I’ve worked at DeveloperTown for two summers now, and at the beginning of each summer, I’ve been greeted with a summer blizzard of new vocabulary. Typescript, Yarn, Apollo, Bluebird, Hapi, Themr, MVVM, Graphql and many other terms are an everyday part of our vocabulary. Even though I spend 9 months out of the year studying the essentials of good programming, I quickly realized the real world is an avalanche of new information.

The culture of DeveloperTown has encouraged me not to be intimidated by the ever changing world of technology. Rather, DeveloperTown thrives by constantly tackling new technologies as they are released because we want to get better. The people I work with at DeveloperTown don’t drag their feet about learning new skills, they lean into learning, and I’ve learned to follow suit.


Any programmer can tell you about the late-night hacking sessions that inevitably occur as deadlines loom. As a college student, this sometimes means poor code that only works if you know exactly how to click through.

Clunky code doesn’t cut it at DT. I soon found that every line of my code would be scrutinized. It doesn’t matter that I was a nube. It doesn’t matter that I am a little slower than the full-time employees. I am expected to deliver code on the same level of my coworkers. As an intern, the environment of excellence is great! The opportunity to have amazing coders insisting that I have equally excellent code, gives me a unique growth opportunity that is impossible to achieve in a classroom.


Anyone who has played competitive sports knows something about the chemistry of winning. Winning teams encourage. Winning teams have fun. Winning teams challenge one another. I have experienced a winning team at DeveloperTown, and it’s a blast.

Programming is awesome! The work that I do at DeveloperTown is awesome! I The people I work with are awesome! I don’t say this because I am a model employee with the perfect attitude. I say it because everyone at DeveloperTown shares this attitude, and they’ve infected me too. Work is so much better when you enjoy what are doing and who you are doing with, and at DeveloperTown, I get the opportunity to do something I love, programming, with people that are equally passionate about their jobs, whether that be coding, marketing, or design, and it makes it a great experience for everyone involved.

As I have worked at DeveloperTown these last two summers, I continue to be surprised by one thing. To a fault, everyone here loves the company and cares about the work. I have yet to hear a complaint against the managers or the company atmosphere at all. I know this might seem like hyperbole, but it is simply true, and it’s the best part of working at DeveloperTown. The welcoming atmosphere and the care for the product have infected me, and I know that I and DeveloperTown will grow as a result.