Indianapolis has it's own community of design disruptors. From established companies, to startups and everything in-between. It's time we take a moment to share our stories and celebrate how our community is changing the world through the power of design.

Special thank you to InvisionApp for creating such an informative and well-produced film, and for starting this design movement.


Catholic MC by Chris Bowyer

iGarage Concept by Adam Yale

Doctorate of Nurse Practice by Terri Wada, Pamela Napier, J Brian Crain

IACT medical trust by Derek Adams

Proteus Logo Concept by Korey Clements

ClusterTruck by Evan Strater, Justin Zalewski, Jeremy Steiner

tamarind menu by Chelsie Kasun

Drinking Design Thinking by Terri Wada, Pamela Napier, J Brian Crain

trueU Design Sprint by Randy Fisher

Seven Guitar Co. by Jeremiah Ragsdale

official, by Jordan Brewer

torchlite by Jon Moore

Think: Don't Drink & Drive by Terri Wada, Pamela Napier, J Brian Crain

Student Engagement App for Connected Campus by Krista Ward, Joel Smith

Rook Security, by Christian Beck

VertiCal by Daryn Shapurji

bolstra by Evan Tank