“Robot Camp”, as us we like to refer to it, was first introduced in the summer of 2007 with the hope of extending knowledge to younger students to get them excited about the fun side of engineering…the hands on part. The FIRSTEP Summer Camp was created with one goal in mind: to lead younger students with interests in math, science and technology on their “FIRSTEP” toward learning more about these growing fields. From designing to building, this program teaches students about Engineering through Technology, Math and Science.

There are 5 major activities that students engage in. Lego Builder, Lego Robotic Challenge, Junk Yard Wars, Engineering 101, and VEX Robotics Challenge. More detailed descriptions can be found here. The activities are broken down into age groups so as students get older they can then sign up for the older camps. Each year the activities change so that students can get a new experience each year.

George Giltner, the founder of FIRSTEP, is a Technology Education teacher at Carmel High School and the head coach of the TechHOUNDS Robotics team.

For those interested in signing up your child(ren) for the FIRSTEP summer camp please check out http://firstepcamp.com before May 15th!