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Track Ahead

The Challenge

Right now, students are connecting with employers by blindly sending cover letters and resumes. Students often have trouble figuring out how to apply for jobs, let alone applying for the right job. Employers feel like they are taking a risk hiring students fresh out of college…when everything they know about them is on a one paged document. Why isn’t there an easier way?

The Idea

Students want to be employed when they graduate, and employers want talented students. Track Ahead connects them. Chris Gray came to us with a story we quickly became passionate about. Through a unique blend of career personality assessments, real world employer interactions, and job postings, his application will allow students and employers to connect early and often. Students can learn about a company’s culture and what it would be like to work there. Employers can see what skills a student has and if they value similar things.

The Process

After Chris pitched us his idea, we were fortunate enough to help him solidify product direction. We designed initial screens for the application, which he used to show investors why Track Ahead, a smart, simple web app that combines self-discovery and career exploration, is worth an investment. After he raised enough to go into build, he came back to DeveloperTown’s designers and developers to support the buildout of the product.

One of the highlights of the project has been the design and build of the student career personality test. Getting college students to take extra tests is no small feat. We made the Career Personality Assessment extremely quick and simple - giving college students a snapshot of their preferences and personality in the workplace so they can be confident in the rough waters of a job search.

The Results

Track Ahead is currently in beta. In 2013, Track Ahead was a finalist at The Economist’s Human Potential Forum, landing in the top 3 out of nearly 100 applicants from 22 countries. With positive results in testing with students and great feedback from employers, we’re excited about the direction of this product.