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T2 Systems

“I don’t think we’d even still be doing this without DeveloperTown…”

- Jim Hutchins, CTO and EVP at T2 Systems

The Challenge

T2 Systems is a technology-focused parking system provider with deep roots in the evolving parking industry. They serve businesses of all shapes and sizes for their parking needs. T2 Systems noticed problems for parking attendants in the current set up of off-site work. Heavy equipment units that employees had to pick up and drop off at beginning and end of their shift could be avoided by creating an intuitive mobile application.

The Idea

Parking attendants spend all day walking around outside carrying a heavy piece of equipment to track parking violations, that wirelessly prints the tickets to a printer attached to their belts. If they were able to track all the same information through an app on their smartphone, they would be faster in many ways. Employees could go straight to the site when their shift began, and start working. Processing tickets would be faster, preventing a lot of the daily problems attendants face.

The Process

DeveloperTown went to meet the friendly faces at T2 Systems and go over their current software. We realized one of the major problems was they were overloaded with features. We stripped the process down to the minimum things every user needed, to make the application as efficient as possible. This allowed us to create sketches and wireframes directed towards the user.

We found that T2 had a vast range of users… from college students working part time to middle-aged full-time parking informants. In order to address the wide spectrum of users, we realized we needed to get our hands dirty. So we decided to get first-hand experience, spending two days with parking attendants, taking notes so we could identify what features were needed in the application to make it worthwhile.

The Result

We designed an interactive experience for parking attendants to test. They absolutely loved it. We then worked directly with T2’s internal development team, to pass off our designs. Our team made it clear exactly what needed to be done to develop the experience we had designed for the product and our client was extremely impressed with the results.