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The Challenge

Through personal experience, the founders of Diagnotes saw a problem with the way doctors communicate. Medical professionals don’t have a one-stop shop to access important patient records or communication with each other. They can’t text each other about patients (it’s illegal), and they can only access important information sitting at a computer. Since doctors are unable to work on the fly, it costs time, money, and sometimes lives.

The Idea

Diagnotes gives doctors exactly what they’ve told us they need at their fingertips: The ability to communicate quickly while staying compliant with HIPAA guidelines. With Diagnotes, doctors are able to send documents, messages, notes about patient interactions, and more. The app makes life easier for patients as well, who can call and leave a voice message securely, which is tied to their record so doctors can be confident they have the most up to date information.

And all of this is protected through military grade encryption and full HIPAA compliance.

The Process

DeveloperTown was introduced to the founders of Diagnotes when they were getting their start in 2010. We dove into the user experience to create a design that was incredibly easy for doctors to use. We developed the app for iOS, Android, and Web, integrating with an Interactive Voice Response system. The number-one thing we had to pay attention to was privacy.

The Results

Since we worked with Diagnotes from the start, our business roadmap for build was extremely successful. They made a few small pivots that greatly improved their business, and were able to do that because of the way we build and test our products. Diagnotes is being used by multiple hospitals today, and is quickly growing in usage and funding.